Magazine editor leads readers into the digital landscape

Magazine editor leads readers into the digital landscape

MELBOURNE, VIC August 24, 2012 – Digital magazines are revitalising the glossy mag industry, as readers move online to gain new inspiration and a greater level of convenience.

Mindful Parenting Magazine editor and founder Vanessa Carnevale said she recognised the industry had changed and was committed to leading her readers into the digital landscape. In turn, she listened intently to what her readers wanted, which resulted in the magazine becoming the first Australian parenting magazine to be included in the Apple Newsstand.

“Being on the Apple Newsstand opens us up to a worldwide iPad audience and complements the website edition of the mag. It’s all about bringing the magazine to where my readers are,” Ms Carnevale said.

A recent nomination for the Australian Mumpreneur Awards, along with a steady growth in readership and advertising revenue, supports this view.

“I feel like I have found a need that is not being met by other parenting magazines in the market at the moment, in our content as well as our delivery; and the feedback I have received from readers is reassuring me that I am moving in the right direction,” she said.

“I was inspired to start Mindful Parenting to provide parents, in particular mothers, with information that is relevant and authentic, with an aim to inform, inspire and empower parents in a positive way.”

“We highlight a variety of industries and lifestyles in each edition and this is what makes the editorial content so unique. We’ve found that parents love reading about a broad range of topics that really speak to them as individuals, not just parents,” she said.

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Mindful Parenting Magazine, the new digital parenting magazine, came about from Vanessa Carnevale’s love of writing, and an interest in living mindfully and embracing life to it’s fullest. The quarterly magazine is available via iTunes and at