Facebook page tackles postnatal depression

Facebook page tackles postnatal depression

GYMPIE, QLD, August 5, 2012 – With as many as seven out of 10 new mums suffering from postnatal depression, it’s not surprising that many of them are turning to Facebook for support.

The Nifty Mums Network was created in 2010 as a supportive page where mums were free to share tips and discuss topics that affected them in their day-to-day lives. Since then, it has grown to having nearly 9000 followers and continues to grow.

Recently taken over by Jody Allen, founder of the popular Stay at Home Mum: Survive and Thrive on a Single Wage blog and Facebook page, Nifty Mums Network has exciting times ahead.

“We see the issues surrounding postnatal depression, as well as cries for help with feeding and sleep, come up again and again across our two sites,” Jody said. “The Nifty Mums Network allows mms to ask their questions in a supportive environment and learn from real mums with real, practical experiences.

“To build on this, we are preparing to launch the Nifty Mums Network website in late August. The site will have a focus on finding help for mums suffering postnatal depression, as well as providing direction for those needing sleep schools or lactation consultants.

“We are also pleased to announce that we will be donating a percentage of the profits from the new Nifty Mums website to PANDA, in recognition and support of all the wonderful work they do,” Jody said.

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Stay at Home Mum: Survive and Thrive on A Single Wage owner and Gympie mum Jody Allen started the website in June 2011. It has now grown to have hundreds of thousands of views per month and a Facebook following of 75,000+. She started the site to share her knowledge of transitioning from two wages to one and to build a community of supportive mums. The business is co-owned with Nicole Millard.