A leap of faith to follow your dreams

A leap of faith to follow your dreams

MELBOURNE, VIC August 24, 2012 – Taking that leap of faith by leaving a secure corporate job to follow a dream is often scary and incomprehensible to many. However, Vanessa Carnevale, editor and founder of Mindful Parenting Magazine, bravely did exactly that earlier this year.

Stepping away from her corporate role in property sales, Mrs Carnevale has dedicated herself full time to setting up her passion; turning her idea for a new style of parenting magazine into a successful business.

“It felt like a completely crazy idea when I thought about it logically, but at the time I was inspired to start Mindful Parenting to provide parents, in particular mothers, with information that is relevant and authentic,” Mrs Carnevale said.

“I feel like I have found a need that is not being met by other magazines in the market at the moment. The feedback I have received from readers is reassuring me that I am moving in the right direction.”

A recent nomination for the Australian Mumpreneur Awards, along with a steady growth in readership and successful inclusion in the Apple Newsstand (ensuring the magazine is available on iPads worldwide) supports this view.

While Mrs Carnevale is excited about the early success of Mindful Parenting Magazine, she acknowledges that taking such a leap of faith required a significant amount of trust and belief; “sometimes making big changes to follow your heart and find your purpose is scary. Once I took the leap however, doors seem to miraculously open for me.

“Being passionate about what you do is so incredibly important,” says Vanessa who in addition to the magazine, now coaches others to realise their own dreams thrugh her “Spark & Shine” coaching sessions.

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Mindful Parenting Magazine, the new digital parenting magazine, came about from Vanessa Carnevale’s love of writing, and an interest in living mindfully and embracing life to it’s fullest. The quarterly magazine is available via iTunes and at www.mindfulparentingmag.com.au