Small-time Gympie mum wooed by big business

Small-time Gympie mum Jody Allen is wooed by big business on a daily basis. Confessing to being “just a mum in her tracky daks’’, about three months ago Jody reached a point where she was fielding hundreds of requests each week from businesses wanting to collaborate and tap into her Stay At Home Mum: Survive and Thrive On One Wage blog audience.

“I remember those first few weeks, wondering if anyone would ever read this stuff. Now we get pageviews in the hundreds of thousands each month and have built a Facebook page with a loyal 75,000-strong fan base. I’m now in a position where I’m giving other mums out there living on one wage work opportunities directly through the Stay At Home Mum brand,’’ Jody said.

She saw a need for the website a year ago as busy mums constantly sought out help to live more frugally. She shared tips for cooking on the cheap, saving money and real options for mums to begin working from home throughout her blog posts. “My Dad taught me early on that you need to make your money work for you,’’ she said. Jody has gone on to write books and sell products tailored to her market.

SAHM is now regarded as one of Australia’s top-ranking blogs and businesses are doing whatever they can to get on her radar for sponsored posts, advertising and collaborative projects. “The appeal for businesses is the fact my audience is made up of brand-savvy mums. Research shows women are the main decision makers when it comes to the household finances and businesses and brands want direct access to those mums,’’ she said.

She attributed the rapid growth of the site to one simple fact: “I just give people what they want,’’ Jody said. “If people leave a comment on a post or on our Facebook page asking a question, I make sure that within 24 hours there’s a post on the blog helping answer that question for them. It’s as simple as that.’’

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Stay at Home Mum: Living on One Wage owner and Gympie mum Jody Allen started the website in June 2011. It has now grown to have hundreds of thousands of views per month and a Facebook following of 75,000+. She started the site to share her knowledge of transitioning from two wages to one and to build a community of supportive mums. The business is co-owned with Nicole Millard.