Half of Australian women online now sharing their life beyond Facebook statuses

Half of Australian women online now sharing their life beyond Facebook statuses

Melbourne, VIC January 16, 2012 – ABOUT half of Australian women online now have a blog and a staggering 92% of females are reading blogs, according to the Australian Women and Social Media Survey 2011. It revealed while Facebook might be the biggest platform for social media use, women are turning to writing and reading blogs in large numbers.

The online survey by social media businesses Mum PR and Brand Meets Blog polled more than 700 Australian women during December, revealing the force of social media throughout 2011. Among the finds was the regularity in which women were reading blogs. It showed 39% read blogs every day.

It seems Australian bloggers are also influencing their readers in a big way. Of all those who read blogs, 68% have made a purchase based on a blog review. “ Interestingly, 43% of blog readers seek out blog reviews before making a purchasing decision, meaning those businesses hesitant about working with bloggers should reassess,’’ Brand Meets Blog director Louisa Claire said. “These days, women are more likely to buy something based on the opinion of a peer than celebrity endorsements. They’re looking for honest opinions by people just like them.’’

Mum PR director Kellie O’Brien said the influence didn’t end there. “An incredible 75% of those who read blogs said a blog or blog post had changed the way they felt about their life. Parenting bloggers, especially, are often fearless in their writing, laying their hearts bare. It’s this that drives their readers back each day and why these once virtual mums groups are now thriving online communities.’’ She said you only had to look at the fact a huge 84% comment on blogs, proving the community aspect and interacting with like-minded women was a big part of the blogosphere.

The survey also looked at the social media use of women in business. It revealed Facebook as a marketing tool was becoming the norm for women in business, with 72% now boasting a fan page. However, it also showed the social media giant was fast being trailed by Twitter in the female business stakes, with 60% of women now having a business Twitter handle.

The Australian Women and Social Media Survey 2011 by social media businesses Brand Meets Blog and Mum PR was carried out in a bid to look at the social media habits of Australian women.

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Kellie O’Brien is director of boutique public relations business Mum PR and Louisa Claire is director of blogger outreach business Brand Meets Blog. Both women work with businesses to increase brand awareness in the online space, including connecting brands with bloggers for personal and targeted campaigns. Kellie also pitches businesses to traditional media, while Louisa runs brand events. Louisa and Kellie write successful personal and business blogs.

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