Do you want to know how she does it?

Do you want to know how she does it?

SYDNEY, NSW, November 3, 2011 – AS A busy mum, successful business woman and devoted wife, Valerie Petersen is constantly asked: “how do you do it all?’’. That’s not to say the Sydney woman’s life isn’t unlike Sarah Jessica Parker’s rather frazzled character in the new Hollywood film I Don’t Know How She Does It, released nationally tomorrow. But she has mastered a few skills, which she now passes on to help hundreds of ordinary Australian mums keep on top of that ever-present “to do’’ list.

 Valerie said there were two secrets to her success: “ if it’s not in the diary it’s not going to happen” and “a routine life is not a boring life”. These messages are part of the motivational workshops she runs nationally to educate stay-at-home and working mums in the processes for an organised life. She said one of the recurring questions was: “How can we do it all?’’ She said it wasn’t about attaining perfection, but about getting your “stuff’’ together – work, family and everything in between.

“Yes, things fall apart,’’ she said. “Just because I’m known for being organised, doesn’t mean my life is perfect. Appearance wise, I look in control. I’m like that duck gliding peacefully on top of the water, all the while under the water I’m paddling like a mad woman. But when things do fall apart, I know it’s not the end of the world. That’s just life.’’

How Valerie “does it’’:

  • Declutter weekly, because paper clutter can cost money (up to $3000 a year).
  • Use products that are chic and colourful – stylish diaries, files and folders – giving more motivation to want to use them. She also understands that the language of colour can make us feel certain emotions. (eg of a colour that can strike a certain emotion to get something achieved).
  • Plan your day the night before to avoid wasted time the next day.
  • Make Sunday night your diary night for the whole family and for work.
  • Make Tuesday night budget night.
  • Use contractors or delegate to colleagues to free yourself up for the important elements of your business or work.
  • Use concertina folders to organise paper work, receipts and vouchers and give everything a relevant home. Do not create a “miscellaneous file’’ or it’s just another folder you’ll eventually have to find time to sort through.
  • In her personal life, she has created Monthly Envelope Surprises with her husband, where they have six “surprises’’ each (eg Masterchef at home, rock climbing, etc) that are used for a monthly date night, which is the success behind their strong relationship.

Inner-B director, organising educator and Sydney mum Valerie Petersen has been planning her life with style for as long as she can remember. Valerie is now a sought-after course facilitator, lecturer and public speaker, conducts engaging, motivational workshops for the corporate and retails sectors on organising your life and runs a successful blog. She also manages a team of contractors aligned to the business, which sells mum organising products.

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