Venue of history plays host to the future

Venue of history plays host to the future

Brands and bloggers connect at Melbourne Museum

MELBOURNE, VIC June 9, 2011 – FROM an outsider looking in, it looked like a bunch of mums taking their kids to the museum for the day. However, closer inspection revealed successful brands being given the opportunity to connect with one of the internet’s newest endorsement phenomena where experts are the past and real people are the future.

On Tuesday (June 7) at the Melbourne Museum, 12 Melbourne mummy bloggers were introduced to 10 brands relevant to them and their readership. Blogger events are part of a new trend in blogging and brand connection, aimed at building the best relationships for ongoing blogger engagement. Brand Meets Blog founder Louisa Claire said recent research from the US suggested the in-person activities were an underused tool. “Blogger events are still new in the Australian context, but the face time with bloggers is invaluable in building relationships that can offer maximum benefit for brands,’’ Louisa said. She said.

“Brands typically reach out to bloggers via word-of-mouth and social media, with email and online communities also popular. The report suggested that in-person relationships could be leveraged further to create blog campaign opportunities,’’ she said.

During the event, the Museum, Zen Imports, Deals For Mum and Madii&Dylan used the unique opportunity to showcase their products before these popular and influential bloggers. However, there was another highlight to the day. “The real highlight of the day was exploring the museum and seeing the kids have so much fun enjoying the exhibits,’’ she said.

Brand Meets Blog will run similar events in other capital cities around Australia and also runs events tailored to the specific needs of a brand. She said future events would capitalise on the in-person nature of these opportunities.

Louisa Claire runs Brand Meets Blog, a business that helps connect brands with bloggers for personal and targeted campaigns. Louisa has over four years experience as a personal blogger and working on blogger outreach campaigns involving her own blog, Everything Is Edible. She is also the founder of Mummy Bloggers Blog which caters to the rapidly growing group of blogging Mums in Australia. Louisa is married with two children and lives in Melbourne.

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